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Climate Model: An educational software to simulate climate

This educational software is originally deviced for use in high schools as part of the french curriculum in Life and Earth Sciences. It realises climate simulations given user-chosen parameters. Through a friendly interface, the user chooses the length of the simulation (from 100 years to a few billions years) and the initial conditions, and tests the influence of various parameters involved in climate: astronomic forcing, atmospheric composition, carbone cycle, climatic feedbacks (ice albedo, vegetation, ocean, water vapor). Simulation results (such as temperature, sea level and ice cover), calculated on the flys by a physical climate model, appear on the interface, through curves and images.

Here is a snapshot of the graphical interface:

Possible uses:

This educational software can be used to introduce processes controlling climate. It can be used to discuss past climate variations and the different natural factors that influence climate (astronomic forcing, natural perturbations in the carbon cycle). The effect of climatic feedbacks can be shown by plugging or unplugging feedbacks. This software can also be used to discuss global warming, and test different carbon dioxyde emmissions scenarii. For example, it can be used:


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Software documentation:

Who are we?

We are a team of two young PhD student and teachers in Paris:

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Educational use of this software is welcome. Don't hesitate to report about such experience.